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Upside down USB -- Is Thunderbolt really the future?

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I plug my phone in every night. It's connected with an Apple bought official cable into a USB3, Asus accelerated "blue" USB port to a Sabertooth 990fx motherboard. 

What it means is, basically, Apple came up with the most brilliant thing ever--the ability not to have to figure out which direction to plug your iphone into the cable.

The only problem is that, right now you can plug your phone into the cable, but the direction makes a difference.

Not true you say?

I plug my phone into my cable.  Half the time I get it right, half the time I don't. I unplug the cable and plug it back in, and it doesn't show up in itunes, it doesn't show up in Windows disk mount. 

I plug the phone into the cable.  It doesn't work. I twist the cable so that it's upside down and plug it in--voila, it works.

I know what you are saying: there's just some fractional cable issue that when you twist the cable it corrects the issue.

NOT TRUE.  I've tried multiple official Apple cables straight out of the box.  I've went through Apple's customer support a million times about stopping and restarting their USB and mobile drivers.   I've used 3rd party USB cables (which suck for other reasons than this) that don't work. 

My conclusion is that Apple USB cables are not as bi-directional as you think they are.  If you are having issue with USB connections to your iphone using a thunderbold cable?  Just flip it over and it works correctly.

Hopefully with iPhone6 they'll fix this.  USB anti-directionality is a major GOOD thing.

Wow. I never knew. Good to know.

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