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Surfer Toys Attack Teahupoo - YouTube

Source: YouTube Video

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Looks awesome.  But looks can be deceiving.

What it really looks like:



So is Teahupoo an island or a giant wave?

It's a reef.

Ah! So biggest teahupoo ever == biggest wave on that reef?

Very well done with the materials they used, it seems like it's the speed of the the stop motion that tricks the eye into accepting it?  If that makes sense, I felt the movement of the surfing, even though obviously there was no real surfing.

I believe that's how the animator does it:

The article never really explains:

Karim Rejeb never grew tired of it and continues to take cartoon stop-motion surf animations to whole new levels. You may remember his previous playmobil stop-motion ‘Perfect Holiday‘, and now he’s back with yet more flawless camera work and giant Teahupoo wave rides. You’ll also notice Karim has known to move with the times and incorporated POV footage as well as stand-ups into his line-up.

Perfect Holiday:

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