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Rain falls inside the abandoned Silverdome, former home of the Detroit Lions, 2014

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Best Reddit comment:

-This isn't in Detroit. It's in Pontiac, Michigan.

-The Lions last played there in 2001.

-After the Lions left, many concerts and other events were still held here, but it didn't generate enough money to maintain the cost of upkeep, so it was auctioned.

-A Canadian businessman purchased the Silverdome in 2009. He made repairs and it was used for some events from 2010-2012, but ultimately had to close it again.

-To reiterate, the Silverdome is privately owned. The city of Detroit has nothing to do with this stadium's condition or use.

Two years. It has only been abandoned since 2012 and it already got that bad. Puts into perspective how much maintenance a place like that needs.

More Reddit comments:

Wow that is quick, to fall into disrepair.  These modern archeological structures are very interesting :)

It's as if they were built to disintegrate quickly.

I remember being in there for state finals for our HS Football... We had 30,000+ (a lot for town of 45k) ppl in the stands on our side, filling both decks.. the other side had maybe 2,000.... we lost by a safety :-(

30,000 people out of a town of 45k is amazing.

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