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The Shocking Ingredients In Beer

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“Ingredient labeling on food products and non-alcoholic beverages is required by the Food and Drug Administration. But a whole other federal agency regulates beer, and not very well. The Department of Treasury – the same folks who collect your taxes – oversees alcoholic beverages. That probably explains why we know more about what’s in a can of Coke than a can of Bud. You can also thank the alcohol industry, which has lobbied for years against efforts to require ingredient labeling.”

I had to break up with my Cornona, I'm heartbroken 

Geez. So basically, no popular beer is drinkable?!

Also there's fish bladder in Guinness?!

Yet another reason to choose whiskey instead.

Heineken, & they make Dos Equis both GMO Free. No more whiskey for me, we used to drink whiskey sours from a beer bong...bad idea btw...

Whiskey sours from a beer bong! I'm glad you're still alive.

Okay, Heineken and Dos Equis it is for me. Any others?

Yeah me too! But you weren't stupid with the beer bong, you're still allowed to have whiskey...LOL. Reportedly, German & craft beers that haven't been bought out by the big wigs yet are generally safe. If you visit any microbreweries you can ask if they use them. Or if you can find out the ingredients, stay away from anything derived from corn. Most corn is GMO.

I'm convinced that corn is bad for us, whether it's GMO or not.

It could be, but I love corn on the cob...corn in my mashed potatoes with gravy, kettle corn, & Bubba shrimp! LOL Sorry, I think I was channeling Bubba there for a second

LOL. I used to like those things but these days it's hard to see corn as food. 

I will only eat organic corn, also there is no GMO pop corn, GM corn won't pop

But then it can't be microwaveable pop corn, it's really bad. The workers in those plants have to wear hazard suits.

Seriously, microwave popcorn is that bad? The horror!

I KNOW! Back to shaking that stupid pot forever!

At least the stupid pot isn't toxic.

Don't get me started on that I butt my last smoke. 

Heh. It takes a lot of work to avoid toxicity!

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