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Only 1000 mobile apps have more than 50,000 users.

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Very very few mobile apps actually get used:

But despite the overwhelming influx of startups making smartphone apps,the latest survey from the tech company Quantcast paints a grim picture for wannabe designers: Only 1,000 of the one million apps in the iOS App Store or Android's Google Play Store have 50,000 or more users. That's only one-tenth of 1% of all apps. Apparently,Flappy Bird-esque success is even more rare than we thought.

Although many people have lots of apps on their smartphones, Quantcast reports that as many as 50% of people who download an app only use it once. All in all, 83% of people say that they use ten apps or fewer on a regular basis and social apps — like Instagram and Facebook — currently account for eight of the top 10 apps in the world.

Note we're not talking downloads; we're talking USERS. 

Still, whoa. 

Reminds me of the "1000 True Fans" theory of long tail: