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Why Westeros Is Stuck In The Pre-Industrial Era

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Minimal banking / credit options. 

Minimal energy options.

No information technology.

No Spoilers Why Westeros Is Stuck In The Pre Industrial Era gameofthrones

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No newspapers.

NFB42 "Westeros is a feudal society because it lacks both the printing press to start a scientific revolution, and for some unclear reason it also lacks the amount of trade and the resulting merchant class and large cities that would undermine feudal power structures. (King's Landing is afaik the only city in Westeros which functions like a large city in medieval times, there is no mention of other trading cities like say those of the Hanseatic League, imo this is one of the unrealistic bits resulting from Westeros basically being England blown up to continent size.)"

No printing press is more basic than no information technology!

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