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Dilbert Creator Scott Adams On Why Big Goals Are For Losers | Fast Company

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THE KEY TO SUCCESS IS APPROACHING LIFE LIKE A SYSTEM.Unlike goals, a system is something that you’re doing every day to improve your chances of success. Everything that you do in your systems approach is to make you a more marketable talent in the long-run.

“Dilbert was not a goal. It was one of many things I tried,” says the cartoonist. “All of them had the characteristics in that they probably wouldn't work, but if they did, they had the untapped potential to get very large.”

I like this model for personal success because it encourages people to keep improving knowledge, skills, and habits.

The model might not work as well for organizational success because it lacks deadlines.

Eric Barker quotes Scott Adams, who says it's more important to have SYSTEMS than GOALS:

Here are my notes from Scott Adams' new book:

And notes on keeping a gratitude journal:

Similar to Scott Adams' system: Intrinsic motivation.

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