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Watch Michael Jackson's holographic return at the Billboard Music Awards

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Apparently it was more impressive there than the video conveys.

Saw it on TV this morning - it looked as if he were actually there!

Trouble averted:  

A federal judge ruled that producers of the award show are allowed to use a hologram of the dead singer as part of a special segment in the telecast. Two technology companies, Hologram USA Inc. and Musion Das Hologram Ltd., had filed a petition in a Nevada courthouse last Thursday against the Michael Jackson estate and the producers of the Billboard Music Awards. The companies were seeking to halt usage of their patented technologies to impose a lifelike image of Jackson during a live performance at the award show. Hologram USA is most remembered for creating  the lifelike image of Tupac Shakur at the Cochella Music Festival back in 2012. The Tupac Shakur appearance has inspired other appearances from dead musicians like Elvis Presley and now Jackson. In the case against the  Billboard Music Awards, the judge decided there was not enough evidence  proving that usage of a Jackson hologram was a violation of any patents and furthermore no proof that Billboard Music Awards actually used Hologram USA’s patent to create the hologram special effect.

I can't believe there are two hologram companies suing each other. Lame!

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