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CleverPet is a console that plays games with your dog


The CleverPet is a dog game console, according to the eponymous company that wants to bring it to market. The autonomous system is designed to engage and educate dogs throughout the day by challenging the animal with a variety of puzzles, and rewarding it with treats upon success. Three touch-sensitive, light-up pads sit at the front of the console, and a dog can use its paws or nose to interact with them.

CleverPet is imbued with algorithms so it can adjust the difficulty of those puzzles on the fly, and owners can track their dog's progress and add new challenges through a website or mobile app. One of the games is a take on Dance Dance Revolution that challenges the dog to touch pads as they light up in a particular order. According to CleverPet, the device can hold as much dog food as a standard dog bowl. And the system runs on the Arduino-compatible Spark Core, so users can build custom software for it.

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Sounds like a great idea -- I hope this succeeds in the marketplace!

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