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9 Worst Things Rich People Do to Me When I Clean Their Houses

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When I arrive, I do so with a smile and cleaning supplies,  expecting to put in a hard day's work. What I get is often hours of psychological games where clients will do everything they can just to try to save themselves $10 or $20. Sorry, but buying me a cup of coffee does not mean you get an extra two hours of work for free. If I could, I would not work as a housecleaner. But I need to, and I wish people would treat me with the same dignity they would hope to be treated with if they were in my position.People spend thousands of dollars on clothes and possessions I see in their homes, but when push comes to shove tell me they cannot afford to pay me $80. "I understand," I say. When really I am just sad. I'm sad that people think they can treat other people this way.

Yeah, that is sad that more people do not treat cleaners with dignity.

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