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A handful of girls seem to defy one of the biggest certainties in life: ageing

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After sequencing Brooke Greenberg’s whole genome, as well as the exomes of her parents and three siblings, Schadt’s team found that Brooke carries three mutations that have never been reported in the general population, two of which may be relevant to ageing. The researchers have not yet published their findings, however, and are waiting until they can confirm them with more data from similar patients.

Schadt’s team has begun to reprogram some of Brooke’s skin cells into stem cells so they can be differentiated into other types of cells, such as neurons. By analysing these cultured cells in the lab, the researchers hope to find out whether these three mutations of Brooke’s are damaging or benign.

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Sounds like this won't give us a lot of insight into the nature of aging, but you never know.

Fascinating nonetheless.

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