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Mel Brooks Remembers Blazing Saddles and Ponders Spaceballs 2

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ESQ: Would you be interested in doing another Spaceballs?

Mel Brooks: It's easy to do because we have the title.

ESQ: That's right!

Mel Brooks: In the movie Bill Pullman as Lone Starr asks me, I'm playing Yogurt, "Will we ever see each other again?" And I say, "Who knows? God willing, we'll all meet again inSpaceballs 2: The Search for More Money." So if I did it I would call it Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money and all the fans would know it. And I would have the kids of those characters and have the actors from the first movie come back in cameos.

ESQ: Sounds very similar to what they're doing for the next Star Wars movie.

Mel Brooks: Yeah. If that one is successful I should come back with another Spaceballs. I know it would be funny.

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He sounds very robust and still ready to write and produce more material. Wow.

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