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No One Knows Who Was Behind The Olympic Official Lunch That Cost $70,000 For 15 People - Business Insider

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Hey Adam, this is why you are watching 44 second in a 4-hour window on a 10-hour tape delay.

Hey, that grand total is only $44k and change.

I can do better!


Sounds pretty good to me. I won't even post my London outing with my investor friends and their footballer neighbors, a receipt from UCI where we hosted the former CEO of ATT, or one from DK's hosting us at Patina's in Los Angeles.

Our mutual friend did mention one mother of all receipts.....I think it would put the Tryst one below to shame.

You've seen higher than Tryst?!?!?!

I'm intrigued.

I'm most curious about the Red Bull SPLT for $50 each.

Problems solved:

Red Bull SPLT is a red bull and vodka pitcher.

The waiter ordered the Hennessey after they left their credit card.

How is Vodka Pitcher abbreviated as SPLT?

The waiter ordering the Hennessey is a brilliant explanation.

Thanks! I completely made it up! :-)

I think that means the charged the wrong card. Maybe someone else meant to handle the alcohol tab. ;)

Alcohol and credit cards are, in general, a bad combination.

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