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Elon Musk says he lost a multi-billion-dollar contract when SpaceX didn’t hire a public official.

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Musk’s tweets yesterday focused on what happened next: The man who awarded ULA the contract, defense official Roger “Scott” Correll, was hired soon after his retirement to handle government relations at Aerojet Rocketdyne, a company that builds rocket engines for ULA. Musk didn’t mince words online when offering his interpretation of events:

Elon Musk

Elon [email protected]

V likely AF official Correll was told by ULA/Rocketdyne that a rich VP job was his if he gave them a sole source contract

8:45 PM - 22 May 2014

One good thing about Elon Musk: He is bold and unapologetic.

He has cause, and an ally.

Senator John McCain has also written to defense department officials raising questions about how the contracts were awarded and asking for a full investigation. Given the huge cost disparities between the two companies—SpaceX launches cost about $100 million, while ULA launches cost two to four times as much—taxpayers are likely to be interested, too.


While former government officials transitioning to the defense industry isn’t unusual or necessarily illegal, negotiations over such jobs before retirement would raise legal and ethical questions.

It’s easy to see this complaint as sour grapes from a losing competitor. After missing out on the contract, Musk’s company challenged the result in court, arguing that it was awarded without competition. Musk has also pointed out that the deal requires purchases of rockets from Russia’s aerospace industry, whose leaders are currently facing US sanctions for their role in annexing Crimea. A court ruling in Musk’s favor, blocking the contract, was overturned on appeal.

But Musk isn’t the only one with concerns about this arrangement. The National Legal and Policy Center, a Washington ethics watchdog, has issued a warning about the deal, saying that in the worst case scenario it compares to another scandal where an Air Force procurement official was prosecuted for making a lucrative deal with Boeing then accepting a position with the company.

McCain? wow, that's irony..... or hypocrisy ... 

Strange bedfellows ....

I'm still not sure how Elon is fighting this battle part time.

I mean he's still running Tesla too, right?

Yes, and Solar City, and he has five sons!

Geez, how does he find the time?

Elon just might be proof of alien intelligence.  First, there's his name.

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