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YouTube stores 357 Petabytes. Instagram is storing 20BN files... others?

How much data does X store? 

very large data

Being in the tech infrastructure industry, I often get the question, “How big is that service?” or “How much does x store?”

Here is where I will keep track. (updated 5/18/14)

Some interesting tidbits:

Here's what is posted right now:

NSA stores 2000 Petabytes

Beatle Storage Cloud stores 880 Petabytes

Youtube stores 357 Petabytes

Facebook (photos & videos) stores 282 Petabytes

Facebook (data warehouse) stores 250 Petabytes

CERN stores 200 Petabytes (fka Hotmail) stores 150 Petabytes

Microsoft Azure Storage stores  Petabytes

Amazon Web Services S3 stores  Petabytes

Backblaze stores 100 Petabytes

Mozy stores 90 Petabytes

Shutterfly stores 80 Petabytes

Titan Supercomputer stores 40 Petabytes

Instagram stores  Petabytes

Internet Archives stores 10 Petabytes

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Holy smokes that is a LOT of storage.

Internet Archive is relatively tiny!

What is the Beatle storage cloud?

Any idea for Dropbox and Box?

Want to see the “behind the scenes” of one of the world’s largest cloud-scale Object Stores?  How big is big?   think 300,000 spindles.   Think of 1,000,000,000 events daily.   Think of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes of data (1 EB).   This, BTW – is a pure SDS solution on commodity hardware – and while we won’t name the customer, I would wager thatmany of us touch it every day without even knowing.  BTW – while you see Atmos in the construction phases in the video, note that in the end, it’s running on COTS hardware 

Holy smokes that is HUGE. 

Without the YouTube videos, how big is Google's index of the a Web now?