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Thousands of Toddlers Are Medicated for A.D.H.D., Report Finds, Raising Worries

More than 10,000 American toddlers 2 or 3 years old are being medicated for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder outside established pediatric guidelines, according to data presented on Friday by an official at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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That has to be the most insane thing I've read all week! They're not called the "terrible twos" for nothing.

Exactly! We are becoming quite the crazy society :(  Start our citizens on pills at such a young age, it was bad enough the adults taking them.

Why is it considered acceptable to give ADHD pills to children? I just don't understand.

This sounds like child abuse to me.

"Martha!!!  Will you shut the kid up, PLEASE!!!  I can't watch the game." ... I mean isn't this a reasonable way to get some peace around the house?

I can also imagine the next step will be to allow schools administrations and teachers to force medicate students (middle schools would be my preference)...

I'm just pissed that I had to wait until 17 years of age to get some recreational drugs.  And I had to do that on the sly...  I really missed out by not being born into these better, more enlightened modern times.

Don't be pissed, it's more likely you just went with the holistic approach. 

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