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Arya sews up the Hound with a needle... ~S1E1 to S4E7

arya stark the house sews stitches relax man I got this meme Game of Thrones Imgur S1E1, S4E7 Arya may have fretted, but she didn't forget

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Those sewing lessons in the very first episode seem to have paid off.

Sansa would have stitched him a nice puppy and a few flowers while she's at it.

S1E1 S4E7 Arya may have fretted but she didn t forget gameofthrones

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I feel bad for Sandor for his brother really messing him up, physically and more importantly mentally. I also like that Arya is human enough to instinctively want to help a wounded person, even though it's The Hound. And most of all I love that despite all this, he remains on Arya's list, because he deserves to be.

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