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‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Time Travel Explained

X Men Days Of Future Past Time Travel Explained Business Insider

Tyson said of Hawking and other believers in the anti-paradox rule: “They're just making this up because they don't know how to resolve the paradox, not because they've done the experiment.”


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“So that being said,” he added, “there are some leading thinkers among us, Stephen Hawking counted in this, who have hypothesized a time-travel rule. They want to put it in to avoid paradox: You cannot travel back in time and interact with the world that created you that enabled you to travel back in time. In other words, ‘The Terminator’ scenario would not be possible because it would create an unresolvable paradox.”

“The Terminator” scenario, of course, is one in which someone from the future sets in motion the events of the past. In the original film, the futuristic John Connor sends Kyle Reese back in time to protect his mother before he is born. Reese ends up fathering John Connor. Time is a loop.

I prefer a universe without time paradoxes.

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