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Privacy under attack: the NSA files revealed new threats to democracy | The Guardian

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Our concept of "privacy" combines three things: first is secrecy, or our ability to keep the content of our messages known only to those we intend to receive them. Second is anonymity, or secrecy about who is sending and receiving messages, where the content of the messages may not be secret at all. It is very important that anonymity is an interest we can have both in our publishing and in our reading. Third is autonomy, or our ability to make our own life decisions free from any force that has violated our secrecy or our anonymity. These three – secrecy, anonymity and autonomy – are the principal components of a mixture we call "privacy".

And if you are connected to the Internet you cannot have all three things. 

The safest computer connected to the Internet:  One which you can turn on and off the lights for your plants. 

Computer PC planter meme funny Imgur image-5386bf89c284f-HYx4.jpeg

Haha. That's a great use for an old computer case.

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