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Where Jürgen Klinsmann Comes From

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A bakery outside Stuttgart, apparently.


The German educational system isn't designed to funnel as many people as possible into the universities, but rather to place the country's youth into apprenticeships calledAusbuildungs (a system Obama has talked about replicating in the United States). As a result, the country is full of craftspeople: masons, electricians, cobblers, bakers. Craftsmanship and skill mastery are central to the German ideal. Klinsmann Bäckerei isn't just about humble origins; it isn't part of a cute narrative built around the seeming absurdity of baking as a backup plan. It's about what Klinsmann has in common with regular Germans. The bakery is a symbol of Jürgen Klinsmann, craftsman. For all his effort to live a life outside the spotlight, Klinsmann might be the archetypal German athlete.

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