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This striking iOS 8 concept reinvents the homescreen

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Android called, they want their UI back:)

You know that the longer we go, the more everything starts to look the same.

Sign of flatlining of innovation there. I think all purpose devices growth will stabilize, but, we have a new upcommer - IoT. IoT is in it's infancy, kinda like Homebrew computer Club 30-40 years ago. I suspect IoT will blow up soon with some killer product. Nest and connected cars are going right direction, but not there yet.

I wonder if Apple will lead again or there will be a newborn hero.

That depends on Jonathan Ive, don't you think?

I do not think it's just him. It's not just design. IoT world has a lot of good technology, but the product is missing. IoT needs to be integrated in to day to day products. It's not enough to let me turn on the microwave from my iPhone. Someone needs to rethink a freezer and a microwave, so I can move a frozen chicken from my freezer to the microwave and turn on unfreezing from my iPhone. Someone needs to rethink the fridge to teach it read the milk expiration date report it to the server. Someone needs to rethink a milk carton to report the expiration date. Main challenge is to roll out these change across the industries. Can Jonathan Ive influence industries in a way Steve Jobs could?

Not sure.

So far the main industry they seem to want to influence is headphones -- which makes your point.

On a positive note, they seem to be getting the the cars. 

And, eventually, watches and televisions. Eventually.

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