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Varys' secret weapon: Twitter!

Varys Twitter secret weapon tweets Game of Thrones season 4 meme Imgur

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If only. Think about the entire series, and the books as well if you read them.

So many things could have been averted if only they had faster communication methods.

A prime example, Catelyn could have just texted Ned, and been like "Hey, I'm at an inn, and I see Tyrion, I think I might take him captive", and Ned could text her back and be like "LOL, U crazy Cat! But seriously, no, don't do that."

And so much disaster and bloodshed could have been averted.


Season 4 Varys secret weapon gameofthrones

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Oh shoot, The Hound is on Varys' payroll!

arya and the hound texting twitter tweet Varys meme Imgur