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The Rise of the $8 Ice Cube

The Rise of the 8 Ice Cube

What exactly makes these ice cubes so special? Upscale grocery store chain Dean and Deluca featured the luxury ice cubes in their catalogue last year with this quite serious justification for their price:

"Gläce Luxury Ice is a meticulously designed and differentiated ice brand specifically designed for use in premium drinks and cocktails. The Gläce Mariko Sphere is a perfectly spherical 2.5-inch piece with a melting rate of 20-30 minutes. The Gläce G-Cubed, a symmetrical 2.5-inch cube, has a dilution rate of 20-40 minutes. Gläce Ice pieces are individually carved from a 300-lb. block to ensure flawless quality and a zero-taste profile, never contaminating the essence of premium liquors and drinks."

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These blocks run about $60-100 per unit in bulk, and typically measure 40”x20”x10” (8,000 cubic inches) -- enough to yield about 500 2.5” ice cubes. As Gläce charges $325 for a 50-cube box, $3,250 of product could hypothetically be harvested from one $100 ice block -- though they don’t specify their exact process.

On their site, Gläce states that the cubes are ideal for high-end cocktails -- those that employ splashes of $38,000-per-bottle liquors, and must not be diluted or contaminated by mere tap ice. It’s recommended that you let your Gläce cubes “age” for 3 to 4 minutes to bring out their true essence; while the spheres “will crackle and spider,” they “will not break apart like less deserving ice or home-made ice.”  Less-deserving ice.


That's... Insane. Ice is ice!

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