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In Japan, legal muscle for a little scooter

BBC Autos In Japan legal muscle for a little scooter

On 26 May, Honda announced that the Japan Patent Office had granted a three-dimensional trademark registration for the shape of the company’s venerable Super Cub motor scooter. The decision may at last help Honda at last stem the tide of knock-off scooters that borrow the Super Cub's distinctive profile.


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"Defending the newly trademarked Super Cub shape may prove somewhat trickier. The notion of trademark protection for three-dimensional products and packaging is relatively new, and cases defending the sanctity of familiar shapes can be long, expensive and inconclusive. Among the better-known trademarked shapes are McDonald’s Ronald McDonald clown, Coca-Cola’s curvaceous bottle and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ Spirit of Ecstasy figure."  (What about Apple?)

"Honda is the first carmaker in Japan to score trademark status for one of its products."

Yes, what about Apple?

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