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Are you more stressed at home than at work?

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In a newly released study in the Journal of Science and Medicine, researchers carefully examined the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, of a variety of workers throughout the day. The data clearly showed that both men and women are significantly less stressed out at work than they are at home.

And the women they studied said they were happier at work. While the men said they felt happier at home.

“We found a big gender difference,” said Sarah Damaske, a sociologist and women’s studies professor at Penn State and one of the report authors. “Women were much happier at work than at home. And men were only moderately happier at home than at work.”

We were talking about this at work today. It's really interesting. 

Any conclusions? Or did you agree about the gender difference?

I agree. Not that I don't love home, but I need to work. 

I find that fascinating. And actually, I'd like to understand why.

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