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How Game of Thrones will end, based on current events in season 4... [speculation but no spoilers about finale ending]

How Game of Thrones will end, based on current events in season 4... [speculation but no spoilers] Imgur Reddit gameofthrones meme Westeros map Kings Landing funny

Click on the map for the even bigger version of it.

Thank you Redditor Cheesenaut for making this.

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S4 My prediction of how Game of Thrones will end based on current events gameofthrones

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Bran foresaw a flood so I'm thinking that will be the unintentional consequence of the dragons attacking the ice wall.  

Hilarious thread.  "Mance should join the Spanish Inquisition" means it's a given that Ramsay is dead.  Ramsay is the original Torquemada.

Dragons attacking the ice wall would be spectacular to watch. 

It's hard to imagine Ramsay surviving. Reek will get his revenge eventually. 

Actually, where are Littlefinger and Varys? Attacking from the inside?

I can't stop thinking about Varys.  He's patient and cunning and though he and Littlefinger share the trait of extreme ambition, he resents Littlefinger's successes.

Varys is up to something.

Neither Varys nor Littlefinger has a point of view chapter in the first five books.

Makes me think GRRM is saving them for the big reveal in books 6 and 7. 

This finale doesn't mention Dorne either. The South remembers!

AV Club's "Who Will End Up on the Iron Throne?"


I'm just putting it here so I can find it again.

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