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Google's $1 Billion Plan To Use Satellites For Worldwide Internet

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Google plans to spend more than $1bn on a fleet of 180 satellites to beam internet access to unconnected parts of the globe.

The project will use small, but high capacity low-Earth orbiting satellites that sit lower in the sky than traditional satellites, a report by the Wall Street Journal indicates.

The satellite venture will be an extension of Google’s Project Loon, which uses high-altitude balloons to carry internet signal across areas of New Zealand with the intention of establishing an uninterrupted internet signal around the 40th parallel of the Earth's southern hemisphere.

Satellite-communications expert Greg Wyler, who founded specialist startup 3b Networks, is reportedly leading the new project for Google reporting directly to chief executive Larry Page with a team of around 20 people.

Google recently purchased drone-maker Titan Aerospace to deliver solar-powered high-altitude drones that can stay airborne for five years at a time. The drones dubbed “atmospheric satellites” could replace the balloons in Project Loon.

Loon as in Balloon, eh?

That's a cool gif.

So between Google Fiber and Google Loon, is it safe to say that Google wants to disrupt telcos?

With Google satellites, yes.

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