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Whistleblowers Beware: Apps Like Whisper and Secret Will Rat You Out

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For all their vaunted anonymity, both companies collect enough information to easily identify their secret-sharers, and both have exceptions written into their terms of service that allow them to rat out their private users at the first whiff of legal controversy.

Legal and security experts who reviewed those terms of service for WIRED say that broad exceptions in their anonymity protections make the companies’ services legal scandals waiting to happen at best. And at worst, they’re a trap for anyone who uses them to spill secrets that violate an NDA or a security clearance. 

“They say you can use this app to tell the world whatever you want to anonymously, but when you start reading the privacy policy, you realize it’s not all that anonymous,” says Runa Sandvik, staff technologist at the Center for Democracy and Technology and a former developer for the anonymity software Tor. “As soon as law enforcements asks, they’ll turn over information about who said what and when.”

I'm not quite sure why people trust these apps to maintain privacy. Snapchat is even worse. 

willingly giving your data to a "secure" service that you don't control is the same as volunteering to be a hostage: it won't prevent you from being killed once it becomes more profitable to do so than keep you alive.

Good analogy. Unfortunately.

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