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UC Irvine Punches Ticket To Super Regional With 4-2 Victory Over No.1 National Seed Oregon State

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Unfortunately Fullerton...not as well.  

How did Irvine win???

That's a surprise?  Cal State Fullerton and UC Irvine have some of the best programs in the country.  You have to look no further than the movie Moneyball, both Coach Gilespie and Coach Mac were snubbed for their Oscars!

Ooops, I almost forgot the third part of the triumvirate: Irvine, Fullerton, and USC!

I seriously had no idea. I thought UCLA was good at baseball!

Gaze and be dazzled with Irvine, Fullerton, and USC awesomeness. :-)

p.s. Okay, UCLA because of their 2013 win...but they are just an Irvine sister school.  

I'm dazzled. Wow, I really learned something today.

We love our baseball!  Well, we in the general sense.  :-)

Anaheim Angels? San Diego Padres? Or LA Dodgers?

Personally I like all the California teams, but I'm an Angels fan at heart.  My grandparents were Dodger fans, so I like them too, but it's been two decades since I went to a game at Dodger's stadium or the Padres stadium.  I'll probably never go back to the Dodger's stadium again.  

Why not? I don't have fond memories of that stadium either. Too crowded and noisy.

Well to put it politely and coming from someone who went to school in the worst parts of downtown Los Angeles and felt comfortable in that environment, Chavez Ravine is a cesspool of bad behaviors, gang signs, grafiti, and thuggery.   I wouldn't take my family there. 

I guess no USC for you either then?

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