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Research: Americans Less Fearful Of Storms With Female Names : NPR

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SHAVITT: What we found is that, systematically, when people were asked to imagine a male-named hurricane like Christopher or Alexander or Victor, they felt that it would be more risky, more frightening, more intense and they were more motivated to take shelter than if they were imagining Hurricane Christina or Alexandra or Victoria.

VEDANTAM: You know, I should say, Steve, that between 1953 and 1979 all storms were given only female names.


VEDANTAM: And Shavitt and her colleagues find that even if you look only at storms with female names, storms with more feminine names like Cindy tend to be taken less seriously than storms with names like Bertha.

INSKEEP: Wow, so I'm thinking about this - when they started alternating male names in there that was a significant advance then in hurricane safety, it warned people more strongly against hurricanes at least half the time.

Using that logic, they should assign ferocious names to the most vicious hurricanes.

Hurricane Cersei.

Hurricane The Mountain!

No, that doesn't sound right.

Hurricane Clegane?

Yeah, that's the ticket.

Hurricane Ramsay...

Hurricane Joffrey!!

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