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Colorado pot revenues up, crime down

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Colorado made $19mm in just recreational marijuana in March. 10% of that goes straight to schools. Oh, and crime is down 10%. Guess all those stoners are too busy eating Papa Johns to get mad!

This is all very promising. Now let's see if we hear similar things from Washington state...

here we go! next comes the cancer curing!!

Has there been any cancer-marijuana scientific research?

why yes there has!

skip to point 6 in this article:

the trials have only been done with animals.  but this guy is all about applying it to humans:

Holy smokes, Emily, that's fabulous! A very promising beginning!!

i think so too!  very exciting stuff!

Feels like it's just getting started. We need more research!

we do!  meditation and marijuana might be all we need to cure cancer.

well, that and love.  and good food.  and rest.

but cancer is scary and marijuana has a bad rap.  it'll take time.  you're right: more research is exactly what we need!

I wonder if the need for marijuana research will encourage more students to learn about science.

i hope so!!

I hope so, too. I also hope Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Cosmos is encouraging more people to learn science.

I foresee a growing opportunity for botany teachers!

Emily et Adam, your excitement is contageous!

There really should be more botany teachers. Plants are awesome!

An elegant and prodigious spokesperson for plants has been Stephen Harrod Buhner--any of his books and writings is a delightful and insightful read:

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