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John Oliver suggests renaming Net Neutrality


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"Good god i was hoping somebody else noticed the filth that come from yahoo comments section.

Its like the entire state of Florida was given a yahoo account"


I missed that the first time. Good catch.

Did you notice that Florida is blocking Uber?

Yes, Miami especially has an entrenched taxi service.

Florida appears in the opening montage of Last Week Tonight w/John Oliver.  <sigh>

John Oliver loves Florida! And so does Uber.

Thanks Butcher_Of_Hope for this gif:

John Oliver fly my pretties gif Imgur

Tom Wheeler is not a dingo.

I like when he tells Internet commenters and trolls that their whole lives have led to this moment.

Looks like has already been crushed by traffic from people who are dying to tell them to suck it.

Do you know how difficult it used to be to acquire coyote urine?

Here's NPR's story.

I loved this comment:  "I met John Oliver a few years back in Saint Louis. I thought he looked like a professor at my school and I asked him if he taught there. He said he was the professor of Greek studies. It took me a few minutes to realize that we didn't even have Greek studies."

I really like his style of humor. And it feels like there's no one out there pushing issues like he is.

A welcome complement to Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, and Colbert.

Yes!  And I like that his targets are equal-opportunity, across-the-board.  No one is safe!

Yes, I follow him on Twitter and FB.   Here'a a recent cartoon.

John Oliver clown chart funny Imgur

Tonight, he skewers SOCCER!

His soccer rant was excellent. Poor Brazil is really hurting itself for this World Cup.

So was his Syria rant!  John Oliver squeezes a lot into half an hour.

He really does. I mean, he has a week to prepare it but it's still nonstop action packed!

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