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How Romney's Pick of a Running Mate Could Sway the Outcome

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I'd laugh if they read this to decide who to pick.

Is Michael Phelps old enough to be his running mate?

If so Romney should pick him. They'd win in a landslide.

If he were 35...

Michael Phelps' mom?

If not. how about Ryan Seacrest?

He's not married:

Besides Cory booker, are there any other popular unmarried politicians? Seacrest would make a great politician, though. He has the height, smile, and can communicate well. If he has no skeletons, I see a future governor of california lol.

Cory Booker is unmarried?!

Ryan Seacrest has been dating Julianne Hough for two years. I'm sure he'd pop the question if he became the VP nominee.

Lol. Not married,

Hmmm, Paul Ryan was at the bottom of the list. Bad choice.

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