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What If the Best Way to End Drunk Driving Is to End Driving?

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"MADD went back to the drawing board," she explains. "We have a three-pronged approach now, all based on data."

Those three prongs are:

  • Support high-visibility law enforcement efforts, things like sobriety checkpoints and signs.
  • Push for mandatory Ignition Interlock Devices for all offenders everywhere, much like Arizona's law already dictates. 
  • Support the development of advanced in-vehicle alcohol detection technology as available option* for all new cars. 

More recently, MADD has also embraced autonomous vehicle technology as a potentially powerful tool in the fight against drunk driving. 

But nowhere in MADD's official agenda is there a prong, or even a small bullet point, about encouraging alternative transportation options like mass transit or ride-hailing apps. There is no MADD fund to build more sidewalks or promote land-use patterns and zoning reforms that would allow for the expansion of walkable neighborhoods in Sunbelt metros like Phoenix. 

Shouldn't they be pushing for self-driving cars too?

Yes, but it is a solution the government is unlikely to fund.

What?! Shouldn't the government want self driving cars too? Fewer accidents!

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