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An Office for Introverts

An Office for Introverts Olga Khazan The Atlantic

An Office for Introverts Olga Khazan The Atlantic


Susan Cain has partnered with Steelcase, the office furniture maker, to create new types of office spaces that will allow introverts to both work and respite in peace. Some of the new modules will house desks, others will contain couches, and others still will have yoga mats. All will have walls.

"These are spaces where people can innovate," Cain told Fast Company's Ariel Schwartz. "Solitude is a crucial ingredient in innovation."

Each room is built with glass that, according to Steelcase, is 100 percent soundproof and whose opacity can be adjusted for added privacy.


The first prototypes will roll out this month at the NeoCon design conference, and they will start being commercially available this summer. The rooms start at $15,000 a piece. Of course, if your boss had that kind of money to spend on your work habitat, you probably wouldn't be in an open office to begin with.

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$15k for a room?! Yeah, that's a little out of most peoples' price range.

How do they adjust the opacity of the glass? Reading it says coverings to the glass.  I was hoping it was some time of polarization or even better, some sort of electrical reaction, but it sounds like plain old curtains.    

Yeah, it does sound like curtains. Source of opacity is unclear.

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