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Ray Bradbury on Creative Purpose in the Face of Rejection

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Extra cute that Bradbury gave this advice to Snoopy! Maybe we tech entrepreneurs should make a Pinterest board of the logos of all the VC firms that rejected us!

Wow, that's a lot of rejection:

Snoopy has written me on many occasions from his miniature typewriter, asking me to explain what happened to me in the great blizzard of rejection slips of 1935. Then there was the snowstorm of rejection slips in ’37 and ’38 and an even worse winter snowstorm of rejections when I was twenty-one and twenty-two. That almost tells it, doesn’t it, that starting when I was fifteen I began to send short stories to magazines like Esquire, and they, very promptly, sent them back two days before they got them! I have several walls in several rooms of my house covered with the snowstorm of rejections, but they didn’t realize what a strong person I was; I persevered and wrote a thousand more dreadful short stories, which were rejected in turn. Then, during the late forties, I actually began to sell short stories and accomplished some sort of deliverance from snowstorms in my fourth decade. But even today, my latest books of short stories contain at least seven stories that were rejected by every magazine in the United States and also in Sweden! So, dear Snoopy, take heart from this. The blizzard doesn’t last forever; it just seems so.

Rejection seems like it lasts forever, but it doesn't.

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What a fine complement to this recent omnibus of wisdom on how to find your purpose and do what you love.

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