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The Number Of Fucks In Deadwood

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Nate Silver could do something fantastic with this . . .

Yes! I'm amazed that overall, Deadwood gave more than one fuck a minute...

Total fucks in series:  2980
Cumulative series FPM:  1.56

Total fucks in Season Three:  1050
Average fucks per episode:  87.5
Cumulative Season Three FPM:  1.73

Total fucks in Season Two:  1099
Average fucks per episode:  91.6
Cumulative Season Two FPM:  1.76

Total fucks in Season One:  831
Average fucks per episode:  69.3
Cumulative Season One FPM:  1.23

Many more fucks given in seasons 2 and 3 than in season 1.

Seriously!  Get a group of friends together and try to say "fuck" 78 times in 50 minutes through the course of normal conversation.  It's really hard, you guys.

It's fucking hard. REALLY fucking hard. For fuck's sake. You really have to fucking think about it.

And pretty much work the word fuck in every fucking sentence at least once. Fuck.

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