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20 years later -- how far we've come

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December 9, 1994. Today I turned 25, and purchased Revolution X by Rob Nelson and Jon Cowan, co-founders of Lead... or Leave. I decided to make this Web page to do my part. We start with the 13 Challenges for the 13th Generation from Revolution X (see that book for comprehensive strategies toward these challenges):

  1. Create Good Jobs. D-
  2. Protect the Planet. C-
  3. Control Crime. B+
  4. Prevent AIDS. A-
  5. Reinvent Social Security. C-
  6. Design a Post-Cold War Military.B-
  7. Make Education Affordable. F
  8. Give Equal Rights to Gays. A
  9. Help End Homelessness. F
  10. Guarantee Freedom of Choice. C-
  11. Trim America's Budget. B-
  12. Win Affordable Health Care. B
  13. Reform Our Politics. F

Wow, what a difference 20 years makes!

Doing better than I thought: Crime, Military, Gay Rights, Preventing AIDS, Homelessness. 

Doing worse than I thought: Jobs, Education costs, Trimming the Budget, the Environment, Reforming Politics. 

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