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Bladepad: A Kickstarter Project to Make iPhone Gaming Less Painful | PandoDaily

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Necessary evil

“Kickstarter is a little bit tricky. It’s not really a great way to get funding, because you need to get funding before you start a Kickstarter,” Baum says. “Kickstarter is a good way to launch a product, and they give you some pre-orders and marketing, but they require a lot before you can start your project.” The reality is that Bladepad’s Kickstarter is less about raising money than it is about gaining support from game developers, who have a rocky history with iPhone peripherals. Baum says that he has committed to releasing Bladepad even if the Kickstarter project doesn’t meet its funding goal, and is in talks with investors to raise money and bring the product to market should the project fail.

“Game developers attitudes on this are kinda weird. They think ‘that might be nice for people that have already downloaded our apps, but it won’t drive sales,’” Baum says. It is, at its core, a chicken and egg problem. Developers don’t want to spend their time building for an unproven device with a small userbase and customers don’t want to purchase peripherals like the Bladepad without having a number of games available.

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