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Marijuana Quality Control Testing

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So the infrastructure for maintaining quality control in commercially sold marijuana is there. But the new Seattle Times report shows not every dispensary is testing its products, or heeding the results of tests. Consumer demand for more consistent products may push dispensaries to shape up. So might stricter laws. The Times points to the state government of Connecticut, which doesn't allow marijuana growers to give plants certain names, such as Harlequin, unless those plants meet certain chemical profiles.

What we don't recommend is relying on the goodwill of people who are in the business, despite what one grower told The Seattle Times:

[Medical marijuana grower Jerry] Whiting believes the medical-marijuana community is too caring to engage in fraud. 'No one is lying,' he said about the errantly named Harlequin samples.

Quality control is an important step in making everything legit.

One day someone is going to be the Starbucks of Marijuana by having consistent quality.


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