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Raptors of the French Open

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Lol: "They leave unwanted gifts."

There's too much good Reddit! I can't read it all!!

That's how I think of Reddit too!

What did I delete?  WHAT DID I DELETE?

Not sure but if you delete the top of a thread you delete the whole thread.

If you delete a comment in a thread you delete just a comment.

So be careful deleting the top of a thread. :)

I think you deleted an observation on Reddit. :)

Was it a clever observation?!  Dammit, when will I learn.

Eventually. Lessons are repeated until they are learned.

And yes, it was clever!

You said "Reddit is [something clever]."


I keep trying to remember your words, to no avail.

I can let it go or attempt a lucid dream.

Lesson: Don't be so trigger happy with the deletes.

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