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Bloomberg shows off a virtual news terminal in Oculus Rift

Bloomberg shows off a virtual news terminal in Oculus Rift The Verge


For months, Bloomberg has been developing a Oculus Rift version of its financial terminals, famous for showing off up-to-the-second data as directly as possible. This month, Quartz's Zach Seward got a chance to sit down with the virtual terminal, offering an early hands-on with one of the Oculus Rift's most practical applications yet.

According to Seward, the result takes the standard multi-monitor setup to extreme new heights. The virtual terminal starts with 20 screens in a curved array, floating above a starry desktop. In usual Bloomberg style, each one is as data-rich as possible, showing bar graphs, dense headlines and an endless river of stock quotes. Since Seward was watching them through the Rift, he could zoom in to view them individually or stand back to watch for activity — and because it all happened in virtual space, there was no limit to the number of screens he could add in.

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"No limit to the number of screens" sounds maddening.

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