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Kitty Cams Reveal Shocking Truth | Mother Jones

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A new study from the University tells us more about what cats do all day.


"Extrapolating from the data to include the millions of feral cats brutalizing native wildlife across the country, the American Bird Conservancy estimates that kitties are killing more than 4 billion animals annually."

Wait, what?!


"You could see her whiskers and you could see her staring at the sky, looking at the trees…and in this particular instance…it was clear that she was under the deck of my house and had a bird," Loewen said. "And she hadn’t ripped the bird apart yet, but it was clear that the bird was in great distress and it was very upsetting."

"I stopped watching because I knew what the end point was, that the bird wasn’t going to live. I was very upset with my cat."

Wait, WHAT?!

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