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Cosa Nostra News: Mafia Increasingly Targets "Disgruntled White Collar Workers"

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"The Mafia was a personification of an individual; it's about an individual," he said. "'I'm a made guy, he's a friend of ours. He's one of us. He's with us...' Today's wiseguys don't have that kind of affiliation. It's not personification as much as virtualization."Criminals with the ability to rob a fortune these days don't need muscle. They anonymously commit crimes in the cyberworld. So instead of trying to compete with these criminals, the mob recruits them with physical force.

They have evolved for a workd of e-crime.

I've been getting pretty scary comments and emails from people working in IT about how insecure many of these systems are.....

Yes, IT in most workplaces is very insecure.

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