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San Jose medical marijuana dispensaries face tough new rules

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I don't understand what is going on in San Jose, but the regulations don't make any sense at all. I can KINDA MAYBE see why you'd want them away from schools; but why force them to sell only marijuana grown in Santa Clara County?!??!

Is it to force them to grow their own?

It happened in Washington.  "As Washington state phases in a voter-sanctioned system to allow and regulate recreational pot, nearly 50 municipalities have enacted bans, moratoria and restrictive zoning ordinances, largely citing fears of a federal crackdown, their children getting high, and costly enforcement."

This is true for alcohol too. There are towns and counties across America where you can't buy alcohol.

What this means is that even if marijuana is legalized it still won't be everywhere. 

Only the cities that want to participate / need the tax revenues.

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