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Asiana Introduce A Magical A380 Experience | DesignAir

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Now for the magic

No, we are serious. There is magic on-board, done by your very own wizard (check the date, it’s not April 1st) and if that’s not your thing, how about a Tarot reading? Nope? Still not amused? Get your creative juices going with some chalk and chalkboard, or be entertained by ‘Delighters’ who put on fashion shows of Korean traditional dresses and showcase wedding ceremonies during the flight. There is even cookie baking, balloon art or costume play for the little ones. We couldn’t make this up if we tried. For the not so little ones… there is a barista service and sommeliers and even a cocktail service, presenting cocktails specifically chosen by the route you fly. For the ladies, there is even a beauty service, where make-up can be done for you.

Chalk and chalkboard is part of the marketing pitch?!

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