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All Our Patent Are Belong To You | Tesla Motors

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Smart move to use the open source model to get everyone to follow (and improve) the same standards.

Well played, Tesla.

My second theory, and it was validated with a conversation with my friendĀ Nick Goniosyesterday, is that Tesla is not an automobile company, or vehicle manufacturer. They are in the business of changing the way we perceive and use energy. Tesla is an energy company. This is not necessarily how we would perceive an energy company, but the car is merely a manifestation of how energy can be employed in different ways to move items around. The release of the patents strengthens this position as a company that not only understands how to engineer the energy but wants to help other companies get smarter about how to use energy.

This bold move is probably ahead of its time, but Elon Musk is a forward thinking person and is not playing a game to hit results for this quarter, he is thinking about a far longer term view of the world and driving us towards a better future.

That explanation makes sense to me, especially since one of his other companies is a solar energy company.

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