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One Horrifying Account Of Working At Zynga | TechCrunch

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Get rich quick crowd fails again? Or is there something more?

With Zynga it's really hard to know if there was ever any there there.

Were they ever about anything besides making money?

Sure, losing it too aparently!

Are they losing money?

I thought Zynga is making gobs and gobs of money?

$22.8 million net loss for the quarter, missing the already lowered expectations.

But I was mostly poking fun at how they are thinking of getting into online gambling.


Do you really think they'll go into gambling?

They already have in limited form and that's the rumor that they will in a big way.

I don't think betting the company on gambling is a sound strategy.

More thoughts on that:

I don't either, but apparently they are looking for something.

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