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Seattle Seahawks kicker Steven Hauschka's long road from Middlebury College to Super Bowl

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Everyone who watched the NFC championship game or the Super Bowl last year knows Steven Hauschka -- but it turns out he REALLY beat the odds of becoming a Super Bowl champion. His story involves Middlebury College, dental school, having his name changed (!) and being cut by like 5 NFL teams.

He was my fantasy football kicker last year!

I love Pete Carroll's nickname for him: "Hausch Money" ...

Thanks for stashing this; great story:

Middlebury, a liberal arts college of 2,500 students founded in 1800 in the Champlain Valley of Vermont, is known for many things: scenic beauty and scintillating brains, constant frost and plenteous deer, one-time residents Robert Frost and John Deere.

The college also has a strong Division III athletics program, but until Hauschka decided to try his right instep at the NFL, the only pro football player Middlebury had ever produced was running back Stone Hallquist ... of the 1926 Milwaukee Badgers.

Now it has another claim to fame. Hauschka and his wife, Lindsey, who ran track at Middlebury as Lindsey Jones, recently returned to the schoool for a mini-homecoming at the invitation of the athletic department. They stayed at the Middlebury Inn, ate "Thumbs and Toes" at Mister Up's, met the local media and sat in on professor Paul Sommers' class on the economics of professional team sports.

The main purpose of Hauschka's visit, though, was to speak at various area schools and to the college community. Taking the stage at the McCullough Social Space before a thoughtful conversation with Sports Illlustrated writer Alex Wolff, who lives nearby, Hauschka told the audience, "Wow, this is crazy. I mean, this is the same place where I first saw Dispatch perform."

His tale is a mixture of dumb luck and intelligent analysis, of nature and nurture, of a willingness to take a chance and a refusal to give up. That's how a guy who was accepted by four dental schools and cut by five NFL teams ended up under a shower of confetti at MetLife Stadium on Feb. 2, 2014.

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