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Joey the cat and his water bottle: a love story.

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I love how his whiskers move!

Reddit comments:     

This might be a way to get my cats to drink more water, except for the fact that they associate the water bottle with punishment, like quit scratching the wood door trim, or you'll get sprayed!

In the Reddit discussion some people say the pet fountain is the way to get cats to drink more.

Coincidentally, I just set this fountain up yesterday!  Had a small one and it went over so well, we got this deluxe model.  The cats are really liking drinking directly from the stream, maybe now they'll stay off the kitchen counter, where they try to get a drink from the kitchen faucet!

It's one of those products with an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 with 2500 reviews!

Which says to me that clearly it is beloved by many cats.

And it beats having to spray water into your cats mouth manually! lol

Although that has an adorable quality to it, too.

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